Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Helping the Union Policy Board do its job...

With the Union Policy Board scheduled to take its last kick at the office allocation can in just two weeks (April 11, 3:30 p.m. to be exact), I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the members to become knowledgeable in the process. To that end, here are some questions that members should familiarize themselves with. In addition, being able to cite written, verifiable sources of the policies involved is a very good thing.

1. Which documents provide relevant information on the office allocation process?

2. What are the criteria under which the UPB may assign office space?

3. Does filing an application for office space guarantee that one will be allocated to the applying organization?

3a. If so, what should an organization who knows that an applying organization is ineligible for an office do?

3b. If not, under which conditions would an organization not receive an office, and what procedures are in place for checking for these conditions?

4. If the UPB is unsure of the capacity or usage of an office, what options do the members have to gain this information?

5. If, after this meeting, an organization believes there are procedural errors which unduly damaged the members, what is that organization's next productive course of action?

I know of at least two members of the UPB who read this. I would ask any members who do read this to forward these questions to those who do not.

When I can get to it: The election madness


Anonymous said...

1) The UPB Constitution and the lease. Also the Lease's rules and regulations. Robert's Rules.

2) The Rules and Regulations included in the lease say this:
"Office space is to be used for student organization business only. All other activity, such as homework, socializing, lounging, etc., are secondary uses of the space and are not a legitimate reasons for an organization to be granted an office. Since meeting rooms are free to student groups, organizations requesting office space in order to hold meetings is not a high priority reason for being granted space. Office assignments will be based on number of people in the organization, number and types of activities the organization produces, services the organization provides, and impact the organization has on the UWM campus as a whole."

3) Probably not, but maybe the Union Policy Board Lease Process can tell us.

4) The application says that requested documentation should be attached, so maybe the UPB could request documentation.

5) Who knows--certainly the Student Court knows that it is not the court. Maybe we should see how many licks to takes to get to the center of this Tootsie Roll Pop while we are at it.

Anonymous said...

What do the audit reports say about SA?