Friday, May 11, 2007

Union Policy Board Meeting of May 7 to be redone

The Union Polilcy Board met on May 7 to finalize the office allocation map, or at least that was the intent. After some discussions about possible moves, a motion was made by SA President-elect Robert Grover to make no changes to the map. This motion was supported by three members (Grover, Stueber, Nelson) and opposed by three members (Scott, Givens, Dercks). The UPB chair then voted to break the tie and approve the map as final.

There are, however, two major problems with this maneuver. One has to do with the map itself. If you take a look at the map, which is found in front of the Student Activities office and in the Student Organization wing near the mailboxes (and has a revision date of 4/30/07), you will see that the UWM Post (currently in EG80) has no listing, not even in the "Not on Map" section, and that their current location is listed as being assigned to Student Association. Furthermore, the SA's current location (EG79) and the Studio Arts and Crafts Center (currently EG77) are both listed as empty.

But there is also a parliamentary problem with this maneuver as well. I reported that there were three votes in favor and three against, with the chair breaking the tie. However, the chair of the UPB is Robert Stueber, who had already voted on the matter. Robert's Rules of Order, the parliamentary authority of the UPB, explicitly forbids a chair from both voting as a member of the board, then again as the presiding officer. This matter has been forwarded to Scott Gore, the Union Director, who is using his authority per the UPB constitution to bring it back before the board.


James Wigderson said...

There is a simple solution. Has anyone proposed tossing all student organizations out on their butts and turning the third floor into meeting rooms?

(from a UWM alumnus and former UPB Vice President)

Rabbitball, the Howitzer said...

Threatening to move MSA out of Union 355 has triggered lawyers coming in to challenge the process. If simply moving one of the more politically powerful orgs out can't be done because of the outrage, imagine the impossibility of trying to boot everyone out.

As for meeting rooms, there are usually enough of those. The problem comes when an org needs to maintain either a lending library or other such space-intensive activity. Trying to get it through people's heads that such things lead to a usage problem without being offered useless storage space is a pain.